About LinkingMed

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Linkingmed, located in the Science and Technology Park of Tsinghua University, Haidian District, Beijing, is an artificial intelligence enterprise focused in the field of radiotherapy. Based on artificial intelligence and cloud computing technology, the company provides AI-based OAR auto-contouring, target auto-contouring, treatment auto-planning, quality auto-controlling and other technical tools and cloud services for hospital radiotherapy departments and third-party imaging and radiotherapy centers. Based on cloud service platform, LinkingMed also provides professional remote collaboration and radiotherapy operation network services for the radiotherapy doctors and physicists.

Grand Plan

Our vision is determined to become an AI company with absolute leading position in the field of cancer radiotherapy. And our mission is to make AI for the benefit of humanlity and to achieve safer and more efficient radiation therapy for cancer.

  • First Stage     Fully Auto-Plan
  • Second StageOnline Auto-Plan
  • Third Stage    Real-time Delivery

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    2023年,连心医疗入驻Intel® Partner Alliance成为Intel金牌合作伙伴,与英特尔® 合作打造AI解决方案,进一步开发远程放疗、勾画服务等智慧医疗解决方案,为客户提供更好的产品,共创未来...


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In July 2016, Linkingmed undertook the OIS of the Radiation Oncology Department of the Sichuan Cancer Hospital to manage all radiotherapy patients in all clinical wards of the hospital, including inpatients, outpatients, and referred patients. In the clinical practice, we realized the automatic intelligent delineation of the head and neck organ-at-risk of the hospital, which greatly improved the work efficiency of the doctors.

Sichuan Cancer Hospital

Beginning in 2018, Linkingmed helped the Radiation Oncology Department of PLA General Hospital to build a radiotherapy data platform. The platform system has been completed, and data are archived. Later, we will standardize the data and construct intelligent analysis systems.

Chinese PLA General Hospital

In 2017, Linkingmed and the Peking University International Hospital Radiotherapy Center started to construct radiotherapy data center for pelvic patients. We have completed building the platform to manage the patient clinical data and radiotherapy image data, and hundreds of medical records have been successfully entered. At the same time, the intelligent delineation of pelvic organ-at-risk has been applied in clinical practice, and multiple demo models have been completed.

Peking University International Hospital

Beginning in 2017, Linkingmed and the First Hospital Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University launched a scientific research project for the automatic target delineation of the chest target area. Now, more than 10 organ-at-risk of the chest have been completed and applied in the clinic.

The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University

In April 2018, Linkingmed intelligent radiotherapy cloud landed the radiotherapy department of the Affiliated Tumor Hospital of Guangxi Medical University, helping the department to establish a regional standardization clinic for cancer diagnosis and treatment. On August 3, the department and the Chongzuo People's Hospital radiotherapy department completed The 1000th teleconsultation with Linkingmed intelligent radiotherapy cloud.

Guangxi Tumor Hospital

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